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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fantastic Four is gay, never watch it.
Watching Fantastic Four is like planting a bom;b in the MRT in Si;ngapore, walking under a ladder, breaking 40582 mirrors at one go, taking drugs, and turning to be Al Q;aeda. Once you watched it, your life is ruined. Gone. No more freedom. No more life.

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Do you have the strength...to surf on silver?

Basically, everyone shouldn't watch Fantastic Four because its a trick. Its just an attempt by someone to let you look at four monsters fighting more monsters. But that someone decided to add 'Fantastic' to four for no reason at all.

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They are humans? Wrong. They are monsters. All of them. The first one ( Mr Fantastic) is equivalent to a rubber band ( he can stretch real long). That means he got the properties of a rubber band, if you actually cut him when he's stetched, he'll snap. He is made from the milky latex of various trees, most of him the Hevea rubber tree.

The second one is a thing.(The thing) Just look at it's name. Who the hell will call him/herself a thing??? Where is it's parents???? Do you know what happened to it's parents? Let me explain, starting with sex.

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So this particular sperm goes into the thing's mother's vagina and fertilized the egg. And gradually after nine months, the mother died because the rock rubbed against the mother's womb too much and burst it. The father died because he tripped on the blood on the floor. That is the end of his family.
The invisible women, needless to say, can become invisible. What is she made of?? What compound? How does she do it??? And the last one ( Human torch). Nice. Use him for the Olympics. He'll come in handy when it comes to lighting the Olympic Torch.

Fantastic Four is not suitable for all ages you see.
You can't show it to kids between (0- 12) because it will definitely scare the fuck out of them. You can't show it to teenagers between (13-20) because they are all busy growing up. You can't just disturb their puberty can you.
You cant show it to ages between (21-35) because they are busy making a family.
You cant show it to ages between (36-50) because they are busy looking after a family.
You cant show it to ages between (51-~) because they find it childish.

You cant show it to anyone in the world. Who the fuck created Fantastic Four??


Norman Au.

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