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Friday, July 20, 2007


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If your house don't have fire alert

What is fire alert? Fire alert is an alarm system where you will be alerted if there is a fire near the place you are at. A fire alert system is installed everywhere:

* Schools
* Camp sites
* Fire station
* Toilets
* Your house

The fire alert system will let out a sharp and continuous ringing after it is set off. Many parents use them as alarm clocks to wake their child up for school every morning because it is very effective.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Experts say you should at least hit the fire alert system once a year. Are you up to standard? How do you activate a fire alert to others if you spot a fire? Many people panic when they see this.

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Don't be. Use it when necessary. If your friends are sleeping, hit it. If you don't get what you teacher is talking about in class, hit it. Heck, hit it for fun. All attention will then be on you.

You can scare your friends too! If you are stronger then your friend, grab his hand and push it near the fire alarm button (make sure you don't accidentally break it!). That would probably scare him out totally. Now keep doing this until your friend shout. Once he/she did, shove your friend's hand into the button.


Next post tomorrow.

Norman Au.

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