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Friday, July 06, 2007

Everyone have hobbies. Hobbies are the best thing in the world because they are activities or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. Basically hobbies are also what you do in the free time, like when you get bored in a maths lesson.

Hobbies are the best thing in the world... I have a hobby. I like to draw in the free time. But thats out of point. The fun thing now is hobbies can be anything; swimming, reading, running, blogging. Anything! It is like 'x', where 'x' is a variable and 'y' = 0.

Everyone have hobbies. Stalin does. Hitler does. But the special thing about their hobbies is that it involves killing people, which is actually okay if you really think of it. Killing people in the free time.

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There are people that I know of who have hobbies too, although not as fantastic and amazing as Hitler's and Stalin's hobbies, at least they have hobbies. They eats, sleeps and smiles.

The thing i don't get it is how they consider these three things as hobbies. I see them everywhere in friendster. whats your hobby?? Oh, sleeping! I sleep too. The thing is, sleeping, eating and smiling are like sex: they are necessary.
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Listing them as hobbies is as equivalent to saying " I had sex with Michael jack`son. ", and you happen to be a guy.
been rather busy lately. Videos listed below.

Trap on treetop walk 2

Hit by a stick

Next post, tomorrow(confirmed).

Norman Au.

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