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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My heart, your pet
Pets are animals. Caged animals, which people occasionally takes them out and abuse them. They make their pets wear clothes, rings, poke ear holes, make them listen to mp3, and smoke. All of them aren't aware that animals could die because of that.

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People, never ever keep a pet. Keeping a pet is equivalent to:

Being an A| Qae;da.

Having sex with the same gender

Playing pokemon

Playing tamagotchi

Stead in school

Never do homework


Okay, this is for those who have pets ( you cruel people). Please do not attempt to let your pet wear clothes or any accessory. It simply looks weird. I've seen a hell lot of different types of animal clothings (absolutely useless, but are there anyway). Different people give different types of clothings and accessories.


Sherlock Holmes style
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The cowboy style. Usually comes with very long clothings, maroon shoes with gloves, hat and a pair of shades. It is usually mysterious, and

Chio-bu style
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The chio-bu style. Usually with mini skirt, occasionally none at the bottom. Boots. sweater or any other sexy tops. Colors of clothings ranges around purple, pink, yellow, orange, white, black and red.

Emo style
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Applied eye shadow. Wearing nothing at all. Carrying a knife with lots of cuts.

Punk style
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Punky hairstyles. Occasionally with ear piercings. Belt, jeans and shirt is a must. Sometimes comes with a cigarette.
There's something else that i want to clarify here: animals can't mimic a celebrity in singing or dancing. Even if it is trying to, it fails. It can't look like a human. I mean, what kind of dance can animals give? Move left and right, jump around and thats about all. Humans can do far more than that.

Animals can't sing like humans. Face it. You never see a dog in front of the stage singing taufik batisa's song do you? Yet I don't understand why there are so many reports from people claiming that their pet can sing/dance like xxx. Bullshit.

Norman Au.

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