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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just Eat

People, I know all of you are health conscious to a certain extent(me too), which is okay as long as you do not go overboard. If you are too health conscious, you will end up drinking only plain water because everything else harms your body in some way.

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You can't eat any of this if you are too health conscious

Warning: Never eat with someone who is too health conscious. If your friend is too health conscious, you will realize that he doesn't eat anything at all, because everything is harmful. Your conversation with your friend would probably be this.

You: Okay, whats your favourite food.
Friend: Use to be cabbage.
You: Then whats your favourite food now?
Friend: None.
You: Why?
Friend: Now, chemicals are use to aid growth of cabbage which is harmful to our body
You: What about chicken?
Friend: Antibiotics ae injected in them to make them grow faster.
You: Fish?
Friend: Chemical wastes in the sea.
Friend: You will be dead if you eat them, my friend.
You: Any vegetable???
Friend: You will die in 5 years if you eat 300 servings of carrots in a week.
You: Liquid?
Friend: You will die tomorrow.

If you actually think of it, most of the food now are processed. If you really want to eat unprocessed food, you can limit yourself not to eat anything that is processed. This way, you will not eat anything and die of hunger.

Instead of complaining and freaking out, you should realize that our country makes sure that our food is safe for consuming. There isn't really much for you people to worry about. Besides, most of the chemicals in the food requires you to eat a hell lot of them in a short period of time before any significant negative effect is observed.

Fact: All anorex;ic patients are a'norexic because they are too health conscious or they are jackasses. In fact, one million people have become anor'exic because they do not eat chickens due to the chemical compound found in them.

Health conscious test

Take this test to find out whether you are too health conscious! If you get most of the answers correct, you are anorexic.

Take a look at this innocuous-looking chicken.
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What will increase if you eat these chicken?
This chicken actually increases your chance of getting cancer, fever, myopia, dengue fever, heart failure, kidney failure, infertility, chicken pox, lung cancer, brain cancer, stomach flu, cold, rashes, immediate death. It is also believed to cause small pox, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV.


Norman Au.

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