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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Technology has constantly been improving. Inventions are constantly being made everyday. Inventions that most of us heard of benefits us in lots of ways. These are inventions like lightbulb, computers, cellphones. Who the hell don't have them. Of course, at the same time, stupid inventions are also being made.

Top 3 useless inventions.

The solar-powered torchlight

This invention may sound high-tech, but in fact, it's actually useless.
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Tom: Oh shit, i lot my pen underneath this cupboard!
Mum: Shine the torchlight dear.
Tom: I can't.
Mum: Why not?
Tom: It's at night.
Mum: And?
Tom: The torch won't work as there aren't enough energy!
Mum: Wait for tomorrow morning then.
Tom: I don't need a torch in the daytime.
Mum: ...You don't be rude to your mum now Tom.

Alright, battery-chargers aren't exactly useless. Since you pay electricity bills to charge up your batteries which is required for your equipments. At least some equipments are only battery-operated, which makes the battery-charger useful. Or maybe, just maybe, you can BUY more batteries.

The worse thing is, you actually use a battery-operated battery charger.

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First of all its way too costly. The main purpose of the segway is to transport human. Yep. Like many other inventions, the segway boast about these little chips and micro processors that nobody really cares. The amazing thing about the segway is that it can balance itself on two wheels( which made it super costly).

One reason not to buy the segway is that you can just add an extra wheel for it to balance, and save thousands of dollars for other items. The other reason is that you don't actually need a segway, since it travels only around 20km per hour. Who the hell needs that kind of transport? If you are travelling long distances, buy a car. If you are travelling short distances, i propose a good idea. You Walk.


Norman Au.

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