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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Worst drama in the world

I suspect the Opera is an organization that is formed as a measure only to decrease a place's unemployment rate. I seriously cannot believe why people think that you need talent for Opera. It's not true. You need courage to perform something so stupid.

Everything about Opera sucks. They don't even make sense. The reason why they exist is for people to laugh at them. (Don't try to say no, I know most of you do) It is something like a comedy.

People in Opera are unable to move around without a drum beat and brass equipments.

First of all, everyone of you must understand that Opera is about exaggeration. They do 'the extra mile' for everything, except the narration.

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Secondly, the way they move around. They do not know how to walk properly. Quite often, you will only see their lower part of their body move, with their upper part of the body keeping still with arms in such a manner that people don't quite understand. Who the hell walks in this manner.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The worst thing is their narration in English. It totally sucks. It sounds as thought the narrator is picking out random English words like " he, power, strong, win, righteous, martial arts, great, evil, die." These words are a must for Opera Narration. It goes something like this:

Narrator: He strong.
*Performer dances for 15minutes*
Narrator:Great martial arts, righteous.
*Performer wields weapon for 20 minutes*
Narrator: Evil die.
*Performer dance with another performer for another 10 minutes*
Narrator: Win righteous evil he martial arts strong great die power.
*The performer acting as the evil guy suddenly collapses with the sound of drum beats and brass equipments being played. The process of collapsing takes another 15 minutes.*
Show ends.
Yet, there are still positive things that you can gain after joining the Opera. You will be able to spin well. Trust me. Throughout the entire Opera performance in my school today, i swear i see them spin at least 50 times. They spin just about everything they can think of:

Their heads
Their entire body
Their weapons( suppose to be fighting but they just spin the weapons and the opponent falls. So no point on fighting)
Their hands

No drama is worse.

Norman Au.

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