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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Fashion sucks. Fashion is a communist movement. I'm pretty sure many of you don't know it, but in the years before the Tsar in Russia was actually overthrown by the people, 'fashion' wasn't a word. Fashion don't even exist then. Fashion is actually a communist idea. Living in a democratic country, many of us have been deceived.

Fashion's main purpose is to make everyone dress alike so as to represent equality in class. Even if you are rich, you'll look like someone who isn't rich. Blame Karl Marx for publishing his book and getting everyone influenced.

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You go out in the streets, you see guys having hair like this. Furthermore, they have do not have a slope, fringe covering the eyes, side burn longer than half the ear length. Completely unacceptable. Take a closer look at the guy, and you'll know he's pro-communist.
(click on closer look) You see?

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Almost every guy have unacceptable hairstyle nowadays.. People everywhere are getting used to the communist way of living.

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The shop 'ThisFashion' originated from a communist. He is actually the grandson of Karl Marx. If you look carefully at the name ThisFashion, you would actually spot the communist sign. Again.(click on 'Again')

The fact that fashion is just a way to make people get use to the communist lifestyle means most of the fashions suck. One example is the bell's bottom. This is because the designer have not put in much effort. However, people last time love bells. So they love bell bottoms. Definitely not because bell bottoms are nice.

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The problem with bell bottoms is that the bottom is fat, but when it gets nearer to your waist, it gets very narrow. So who the hell is it for? Fat people can't wear it. Thin people look fat wearing it. Even 'pai kias' want to call gang and settle outside school because they are not happy with bell bottoms.

My point here is that Fashion is stupid. If everyone looks similar, no one would look good. So be unique. Don't be a slave to trends. You want to look good, don't trust fashion. Just wear what you think will be nice,(Don't blame me if your taste sucks.) and be proud of it.


Norman Au.

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nice post! I like it a lot!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 01, 2008 12:20 PM  

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