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Friday, November 16, 2007

Flat Earth

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I bet you guys expect everyone to know that the earth is round. You are in for a shock.

First, i would like to thank my cousin for sharing his joy in the flat earth forum, which gradually leads me to this post. I've run out of ideas for blog post recently, therefore i didn't really update at all.

This is currently the most stupid theory EVER. The people in the forum believes that the Earth is flat. Seriously. They aren't joking. This means that if you move in a certain direction (in a straight line), you'll end up falling off the Earth. WHAT IF a student accidentally falls off the earth when he is having 2.4km run?

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'Pon' refers to skip.

In order to cover up this flaw, the people in the forum thought of quite a surprising way of explaining why no one fell off the edge of the earth. There is a huge block of ice surrounding the earth, and the government from all over the world worked together, hired people to guard the ice.This prevents you from falling off the edge of the earth in your napfa test 2.4 km run.

Also, in order to explain gravity, gravity is explained as ' upward acceleration of the earth, approximately 10m/s^2. ' Which means the earth is constantly on the move upwards. If we consider this explanation, it means that the earth is currently moving faster than the speed of light already. This also means that rockets shouldn't be able to work and satellites are impossible, the entire NASA is nothing more than a conspiracy.

Theres a reason why the sun is not a flaming chariot wheel. There are reasons why the earth is not flat. Thinking that the earth is flat is thinking that the earth is bigger than the sun, which is seriously what the people in the forum thinks.

So to sum it up all, flat earth looks something like this.

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Ditch this bullshit. I hope nobody thinks that the Earth is flat after visiting the forum at http://theflatearthsociety.org.

Norman Au.

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