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Friday, May 23, 2008

How to be pretty

There are many ways to be pretty. If you are fat, you slim down ( by exercising and not eating pills). If you are thin, you eat more. If you got a lot of pimples, apply cream. If you are just ugly, go for plastic surgery. It is very simple for people to be pretty nowadays.

This is a basic guide on how to be pretty. (Thanks to my expert knowledge)
If you are fat, you must first be aware that many things are smaller and lighter than you. This will allow you to face the fact that you are fat. You will then want to do something about it. Excess fat is bad. Therefore, you have to get rid of them somehow. This can be done through vigorous training.

The thing is, some people do not know how to slim down by exercising. One simple way is through short distance sprinting. For example, you can run for 200meters and rest for 1minute, and do it again. Repeat for 5 times before having a 15minutes break. As you improve, increase the distance that you sprint per try. Another good way to loose fats is to do skipping. No matter what you do, be aware that you are trying to loose fats, not gain muscles.

Please ensure that the exercises you do works almost your entire body. Swimming, Running, Skipping are good options.

Another way of loosing fats is through liposuction, where your fats are sucked out by cutting them off, making you weak and disgusting, it is worse than being fat.


How to get rid of pimples and make your face pimple free and pretty.

You should realize that your main aim here is to get rid of the disgusting pimples that are growing on your face. In order to do that, first you are required to have the following items:


1) First, you grab a thin piece of tissue on your hand.
2) Next, squeeze the pimple till it bursts.
3) Gently dab the burst pimple with a damp piece of tissue paper.
4) Ensure that it is dry before you stick on a handiplus.
5) Repeat the rest of the steps for the rest of your pimples.
6) Rest for a day. Ensure that you have sufficient water in your body and enough sleep.
7) Prepare to book an appointment for plastic surgery.

There is an alternative way of becoming pretty. A much simpler one that doesn't require any pain or much cash. Credits to my friend for telling me.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

It is a computer programme designed to make all girls pretty. That is why you see an increase in number of pretty girls in Singapore.

How it works

First, take a picture of an ugly girl. Next you send it to the computer to edit using photoshop. Adobe photoshop would eradicate out her ugly cells and replace them with healthy and radiant cells for proper growth to take place. Healthy cells grow with the help of Michael Jackson.

Norman Au.

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