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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Relationships are common. Everywhere you go, you are bound to spot at least a couple holding hands (be it boy with girl, girl with girl or boy with boy). There are many types of relationships. Sexual relationship, Intimate relationship, BFF(Best friends forever) relationship. Boys and girls are most commonly associated with the first two, sexual and intimate, while girls and girls are most commonly related by the BFF relation(or so they claim). Later on, some couples even proceed on to another form of relationship. A failed relationship.

Of course, some may find it hard to find their partner at their first attempt. Here are some tips to woo a girl ( preferably for guys ).






Girls like guys who are straight forward. Guys who beat around the bush or lie are a turnoff. So in order to attract the girl you like, you must be straight to the point, cut-out, clear in what you are trying to say. And you must never lie to a girl.


Lets say you asked a girl for her number. And she asked 'why?'. At this point of time some guys would probably come up with some miserable excuse like

'So we can keep in contact. And we'll be able to contact each other more easily and often'.

This is true. But many girls will misunderstand it. What the guy means by 'contact' actually mean physical contact. The first letter of the word 'physical' is similar to the first letter of the word 'pleasurable'. Coincidence? I don't think so!

As you can see, the guy is not being straightforward, and thus the girl will not give him her number. The only way to get the girl's number is to tell her straight to the point what you will achieve by having her number:

"So our relationship will become closer. Our bodies will get closer, and we will be able to touch each other more to make each other pleased."



Try to impress. If you like a girl, do not just say ' I like you' or ' I love you'. Since girls need a sense of security, what you lack is the elaboration. How much do you love her? You must let the girl know. If necessary, phrases below will help you:

'Dear, you are so hot that i am sweating.', Rating: 5stars

'I love you as much as my father loves my mother.', Rating:4stars

'I really really need you so much that i will pay any amount of money to obtain you.',Rating:2stars

'I'm busy now, but i promise you i will think of you later.',Rating:1star

If a girl questions your love for her, here is an alternative phrase to help you:

'Nothing is wrong when love is right' *credits to a friend who shall remain anonymous* Rating: 5 stars



To add on to show how much the girl means to your heart, NEVER forget to make sure that your msn nickname shows how much the girl means to you. For those who are already together, never forget to put the date when both of you become boyfriend and girlfriend, ever. Also never forget to leave at least a part of your msn nickname for the girl. For example, if the girl's name is Jude, you can follow the following example. Lets say your msn nickname is 'I am hungry':

'I am hungry.04/06/2008. <3, Jude

Or if you are the shy type, and dont want your friends knowing about the girl(they will still know anyway, its just to keep you happy), you can follow the following example:

'I am hungry. J'

Notice that you do not put the date where you get together with the girl. Why? Because you do not want others to find out both of you are together. It doesn't matter if some of your friends know already and they actually are capable of spreading the message through various means. Just make an effort to hide it. A little will do.


Try these methods out. It will work.

I think.

Norman Au.

Norman Au.

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