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Saturday, March 21, 2009

MSN awareness

Finally an update to my blog. I have not forgotten about my blog, its just that i don't update it frequently. Probably 10 times or less a year and such only. However, updates are constant. About a blog post a month.

Updates will be given if there are any changes to the above notification.

I think people should really be more careful when they are browsing the internet. Seriously. More and more people seem to be getting these irritating computer viruses like trojans or whatever, which indirectly affects me sometimes through windows life messenger. Thus, this inspired me to post the following post so that everyone can learn from it and thus will not get their computer infected with irritating viruses or malware again.

1) 'I've got a picture of you in your birthday suit!'

I don't get it. Why do people even use the term 'birthday suit' to say that people are naked? They should just use the words 'naked, not wearing anything, porn, sexy, hot'.

And why do people click on them? Its pretty obvious that i doesnt come from your friend. Don't click it. I mean, how many friends do you have that begins typing to you in msn with a capital letter in the first place? Much less if you consider how many actually say 'hi' to you first before asking any questions at all.


2) 'Hey click here to see me naked'



This is not that bad. At least the chances of anyone clicking is very low. Simply because of the following reasons, but first, let the person's computer infected with the virus be person A and his/her to-be-victim be person B.

Person A and person B may belong to the same sex!




3) 'Click here to see who's blocking you in MSN'

By far, I have the least respect for people who actually clicks on this. It is like your friend actually sees it, wonders for a while who is blocking him/her, and clicks it eventually. People who actually got this virus must be a total jerk to actually be able to piss so many friends off such that they would want to block them.

(Click to enlarge)

An example of an irritant.
*WARNING: The above post contains some sexual representation using stick figurines.*


Norman Au.

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