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Tuesday, June 09, 2009



Bacteria has been around us since the beginning of time. They have endured the sands of time and still prosper to this date. In modern times, some bacteria have even evolved to a stage that they can grow on your face! This means that your face are actually covered by millions of these disgusting creatures.


Some people also claim that the uglier you are, the more bacteria you have on your face. I mean seriously, looking at the pictures below, who do you think have more bacteria on their face?

(Please click on the link to view because the pictures may prove to be too gruesome for some)


The timer

Theres this saying that when you drop food particles on the floor, you can pick it up and eat it within x seconds, with 'x' being 3, 5, or 10 usually. After the stipulated 'x' seconds, you shouldn't eat it anymore because its dirty already.

It is also true that if you position your face to a pile of shit, then proceed to quickly shoving your face right into it, and removing your face from the pile of shit, your girlfriend will not mind kissing you! At least for people who actually believe in the myth about the 'x' seconds, it holds true.




= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Heres a little education for people who believe in the myth. bacteria do not walk to your food. This means that when your food actually drops on the floor, the bacteria does not get onto the food by walking or running. It also does not climb. Instead, it gets stuck on the food when the two surfaces contact.

This is similar to the example that if i slap your face really hard, skin cells from my hand gets stuck in your face. I do not need to hold it for some time for it to get stuck on your face. I'm ready whenever you are interested for a test.

The sperm killer


It is also known as Green Tea. Heck, I don't even know HOW people come up with the idea that green tea kills sperms. Which part of 'green tea' makes people think that it kills sperms? Is it the 'green' or the 'tea'? I don't get it. It kills sperms? Apply it when you're having sex then. Don't use a condom.

Please if you mean it reduces sperm count, say so. It doesn't kill sperm. Reducing sperm count is very different from sperm killing. Besides, if you think you're right that it reduces sperm count, you're wrong too. I don't get why people actually like to believe what their friends say rather than trust the government that they'll at least tell their citizens that green tea reduces sperm count when they allow for green tea to be sold?

Take a look at this.


After reading this post, i would appreciate it if you ever come across something vague that your friend tells you, like how green tea kills sperms, please do not believe them readily unless you actually researched. PROPERLY. Its not that your friends are not trustworthy, its just that they may have gotten the information from another friend.

Hence i urge everyone to stop spreading these myths unless you actually searched and found them out to be true.

Other popular myths includes how you are better than me, and why i am not perfect.

Norman Au.

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