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Sunday, July 26, 2009


To date, i've heard of hundreds and hundreds of jokes, most of which are not funny when it comes from people who always seem to score higher grades in school than you(I have no idea why).These jokes ranges from discriminatory ones, random ones, sexual ones and study-related jokes. This is precisely what i want to point out in this post. Make only quality jokes or youll end up pissing everyone off.

Studies and Humour do not mix. Jokes about studies are never funny. I mean seriously, what kind of jokes can you come up with regarding studies?

What is 1 + 1 = ?

It is obviously 2, and not window. But how did people come up with window as the answer! Stick around to find out! We'll be right back after the break.



Welcome back!

Jokes about studies are never good jokes. They are so stupid, no one appreciates them. It is like listening to someone talking on and on about their horoscope. Nobody cares about what the relationship between the stars and you ( and about another half a billion people who ought to experience something similar to you because they share the same horoscope with you as well), unless the stars are porn stars. Quit making jokes about studies.


When you want to crack a joke, it must be stupid enough, yet not that stupid to not make sense. There are million of examples of bad jokes, such as:

What did you get when you cross a/an x and a/an y?
Where x/y can be

3)your mother
4)power ranger

And the answer to the joke is a mixture of x and y, say xy. What did you get when you cross a witch and a carrot? A witcarrot!

Familiar? Read it somewhere in the joke books before? I have no idea how these are considered jokes but i've seen many of these appearing in joke books. These type of statements are stupid(correct), but thats it. It won't make anyone laugh because its like telling your best friend that his mother just died.


Rebuttal jokes that criticizes.
These are one of the worst jokes up to date. It is a definite no-no unless you want to use it to break up with your girlfriend, then its alright. For example,

Teacher: Do not always listen to what i say, try it out yourself.
Student(aka moron, bitch, dumbass, idiot, sucker, asshole, cock, handcock, handjob, blowjob): Then, aren't we still listening to you, teacher? HAHAHAH! Got you there didn't I!?

Your classmates don't need that kind of statement to figure that out, so you needn't point that out too. It just makes you seem more stupid than you already are. Everyone knows the teacher is trying to say that you should always do some research and not just accept what you are told readily. So don't point them out. You'll end up pissing everyone off, and if im in your class, youll end up being laughed at by everyone.

It isn't difficult to come up with funny jokes. These jokes just have to make some sense, not related to studies, often discriminatory in nature, doesn't require deep intellectual thinking and just have to be 'lame'.

However do note that when a joke is funny, make sure you do not use them EVERYDAY. It makes the quality joke lose all its humour, mainly because it is coming out from a stupid ass like you. The bottomline is, if you are not original, you are not funny. Would you like it if I keep repeating the same joke over and over again? Think before you talk

Norman Au.

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well said.

By Anonymous doyong., at August 10, 2009 12:05 PM  

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