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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun with Names

Haven't updated for quite a long while due to my promotional examinations, which accounts for the 3 months interval between the previous post and the current one.

Names are usually given after different considerations such as how it will sound like, how long it is and such. These considerations are influenced by the believes of the individual, for example if he believes in luck (which also means he is retarded), he may name his child 'Lucky', which happens to sound like a dog's name(NO PUN INTENDED). Not forgetting how cultural behaviours affects the naming process as well.


This results billions of different names, from the typical mandarin names(surname + name) to english names (name + middle name + last name). Which is what makes it all the more interesting when you realise that you tend to know which names are very common and which names are rarely used. ( Question of the day: Is Peter Pan Chinese? Hint: Maybe NOT! )

Names such as "John, Tom, Peter, Francis, Susan" are all common names. Flip open any Enid Blyton's book and you can probably find some gnome, pixie or a loaf of bread named Thomas. But this isn't like ANY loaf of bread you'll see. This is a talking loaf of bread with an attitude.


Names and how they influence how you picture a person with the respective name.

To put the title simply, it means how does a person look like if you only consider the person's name. For me, any name with 'fat' in its name would end up looking fat.


This means Loy Fatt, Fatimah, Fat, Fatin, Fatty, Fat Ass, Fatso are 100% similar. All of them are funny.

Of course there are the less common ones in which for example Margaret, which gives the impression of a high-class old lady, which can be very disturbing if the person with the name Margaret don't actually turn out to be so.

Other uses of Names

Now, everyone can create shop names with just 2 of your friend's names! Just follow the simple template given below:

(Insert name of friend 1) & (Insert name of friend 2)

Examples of several very successful names are:





I have no idea what came into their minds when they actually come up with such names for their shops. Nonetheless, their shops became successful. I'm all ready to set up a 'Muthusamy & Chen Jun Jie' now.

Norman Au.

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